Tim Silver's Ancestry and extended family

Albert Edward Hyman + Phoebe Knights

17 children
Annie Hyman
Birth: February 1896 22 19Stanwell, Middlesex, England
Death: March 1896Stanwell, Middlesex, England
George William Hyman c.1912George William Hyman
Birth: January 2, 1897 23 19Stanwell, Middlesex, England
Death: April 24, 1916Richmond, Surrey, England
Arthur Edward Hyman
Birth: September 1910 36 33Staines, Middlesex, England
Death: December 1910Staines, Middlesex, England
Henry Charles Hyman c.1912Henry Charles Hyman
Birth: September 10, 1911 37 34Stanwell, Middlesex, England
Death: February 12, 2002Stanwell, Middlesex, England
Dommice Kitchener Hyman
Birth: April 1915 41 38Staines, Middlesex, England
Death: July 1915Staines, Middlesex, England

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Family group information
Religious marriage May 12, 1895
Notting Hill, Middlesex, England
Latitude: N51.512098 Longitude: W0.215687

Note: St Clement; Kensington vol 1a p297
Note: (Click the Media tab for pictures of their Diamond [60th] anniversary)
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